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The Ivy Institute for International Education and Training

The Ivy Institute for International Education and Training(abbreviated as Ivy below)located in Harbin, Heilongjiang is the first organization in China to promote the educational communication between China and the United States while cultivating young students to acquire both Oriental and Western cultures. The Ivy Institute actively advocates for the individualized development of young students by providing the unique Ivy Solution, which includes a multi-dimensional and personalized study plan, career development program, and related educational guidance based on each student’s distinctive potential.

The Ivy Solution is comprised of noticeable features of our time. By taking the five interdisciplinary themes of the 21st century as its foundation and the skills required in the 21st century as its core, Ivy formulates an adjustable, individualized and comprehensive personal development program. Tracing the global trend of education in the 21st century, the Ivy Solution actively integrates the advanced educational resources from both China and the United States to create a series of teaching projects with related curricula, methods, and resources that fully match the five themes. It is firmly believed at Ivy that each individual youngster has his or her own unique potential, and through our efforts, that potential can be immensely cultivated. Every student, with the help of the Ivy Solution, can possess the abilities to self-discipline, think critically, be innovative, gain an entrepreneurial spirit, and finally, become a globally competitive professional.

We here at Ivy are looking for young, brilliant, and adventurous elites to work alongside us to create a new wave in the English education system in China. If you're interested, click here and submit your resume today. Recent college graduates are highly encouraged to apply.


Known for its vibrant mix of Western and Chinese cultures, Harbin is one of the major cities in Northeast China. Located on the banks of the Songhua River, Harbin is the capital of Heilongjiang Province as well as the biggest city in Northeast China. The city is famous for its pleasant weather in the summer and its wonderland of ice and snow in the winter. Every year tourists from all over the globe are attracted to Harbin for its Ice-Snow Festival, lush forests, Jin-dynasty attractions and traditional customs. During the summertime, Harbin celebrates youth culture with its Harbin Summer Music Festival and Harbin Beer Festival. The city boasts 24 higher education institutes, more than 400 research institutions, and is an important finance and trade center for Northeast Asia. Encompassing 53,755 square kilometers with a population of 9.27 million, Harbin is one of the most important industrial cities in China and is the country’s largest capital city in terms of area.

Harbin Ice-Snow World
Saint Sophia Cathedral
Harbin Concert Hall
Dragon Tower
Harbin Grand Theatre
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